Our Story

Kandydollkloset (KDK), believes in excellent customer service, professionalism, and quality products. KDK is more than your average boutique. It's a movement, based on principles of self-care and mental health awareness.  I will continue to  raise the bar on every level to ensure my brand will not only continue to grow, but make a difference in the world of retail as well as my customers. 


        Hello, my name is Keenya "Kandy Steele and I'm the CEO of KDK. KDK started as an online boutique for women based out of Cleveland, Ohio in 2020 with the support of my three daughters and fiance. KDK has came a long way from a simple thought to an actual online boutique and now a brick and mortar location that launched July 25, 2021 in Cleveland Hts, Ohio.   When I first started out, my passion for helping people feel their best stemmed from my 20 plus years in the nursing profession. I took this passion into the fashion industry believing that achieving well-being and feeling good about oneself doesn't have to come in a prescription bottle. A cute dress, affable conversation and a pair of sparkling earrings 💎can be just as effective than any medication.  I'm currently serving all 50 states and looking forward to expanding internationally. I'm looking forward to growing my brand by offering more exclusive apparel and accessories as well as men apparel  in the near future. The most exciting part of my job is meeting new people, and ensuring every customer experience is nothing short of amazing. I'm excited to have you apart of this journey and I thank you in advance for you support. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.